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Ramona Disegna

Yoga Instructor

Get to know Ramona - 
  • Favourite TV show
      The Office
  • Favourite holiday destination
  • Favourite Athlete
Rose Na
  • Biggest achievement?          Representing Australian
  • Best client achievement?   Losing 15kg in 10 weeks

 More About Ramona

Ramona has been practicing Yoga for years, but it wasn't until she traveled to India in 2017 that she got to understand the real essence of Yoga.

She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and has completed her 500 hours Teacher Training at Shri Kali Ashram in India. Here she has trained and studied intensively for 5 months, under the guidance of Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha, a traditionally educated, initiated Saiva Master with forty years of teaching experience.

Ramona is passionate about bringing  mindfulness and meditative awareness into movement, through the weaving of postures and breath practice.

She understands that even though Yoga is seen often as a mostly physical practice in the Western world, there is so much more to it and she is dedicated to teaching yoga holistically, respecting its tradition.

In her classes, Ramona aims to take you to a place beyond the physical body, beyond the thinking mind – to find your inner stillness and harmony.

What is relevant to her, is the state of mind and our innate blissful peace we can tap into , instead of what the perfect posture should look like or what our bodies ''should achieve'',   to  really culture  that serenity and relaxation on the mat that is then slowly integrated into our daily life.

Ramona aims to share the true meaning of yoga: union with mind, body, and spirit.