COVID-19 Procedures -

THE GYM Melbourne


Workplace Hygiene Policy for The Gym Melbourne



In January 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease in Hubei Province, China to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.  As a result, the Australian Government instituted shutdown policies across the nation to contain the spread of this virus. Both the Federal and Victorian State governments have now begun to roll back shutdown policies, which includes reopening of gyms from June 22, 2020.  Due to the infectious nature of this virus and to comply with government regulations, The Gym Melbourne will be instituting the following policies and procedures to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for staff and clients. 

Our Guiding Principles as we move forward:

  1. Keep The Gym Melbourne staff and clients safe

  2. Continue to serve our clients with the highest standards

  3. Do our part to slow community spread of the virus, so that the most vulnerable people are able to get the care they need

  4. Implement all required hygiene and infection control precautions as directed by authorities.

Updated hygiene policies and procedures of The Gym Melbourne:

  1. No towel, no train.  All members must have a towel to train at the gym. If a member does not bring their own towel, they will be required to hire one for $2 a day / $5 a week.  This policy is being facilitated with assistance from the Larwill Hotel. 

  2. All members must scan in so that there is a digital footprint of all those who attend.  Further, an additional step will be introduced that ensures a database of all gym users is recorded and stored in event of an outbreak. 

  3. Members will be asked to stay home if they feel unwell, information regarding symptoms to be aware of will be available via signage in the gym and on the website. 

  4. Staff will be educated on hygiene policies and required to undertake the Australian Government Department of Health course on COVID-19 infection control training. 

  5. New multi-use machines have been installed which enables compliance with the 4sqm spacing rules.

  6. Group fitness classes limited to 10 people to comply with 4sqm spacing rules.

  7. Markers installed on the floor of the gym to assist clients and staff remain physically distanced. 

  8. Personal training and group fitness sessions redesigned to comply with physical distancing recommendations. 

  9. 6 new hand sanitising stations have been installed in the gym fitted with >60% alcohol sanitiser.

  10. Bathroom facilities will be regularly monitored for availability of soap and correct waste disposal procedures. 

  11. 3 cleaning stations (including hospital grade disinfectant wipes) in place to enable members to wipe down equipment after each use. 

  12. The gym already has regularly scheduled cleaning services, however these have been increased and written records will be kept of dates, times and details of cleaning. 

  13. Australian Government Department of Health signage has been installed which informs and educates all users of the gym of safe hygiene and infection control precautions. 

  14. Educational videos will be played in the gym which demonstrate safe hygiene procedures and inform clients and staff about symptoms of COVID-19. 

  15. A pandemic disease manager has been appointed to ensure compliance with all government directives and monitor any changes to recommendations, regulations or directives from authorities. 

In Summary

These policies and procedures have been developed with the assistance of guidance material from the Australian Federal Government, Victorian State Government, Fitness Australia (industry body) and Work Safe Victoria. 

At The Gym Melbourne, we pride ourselves on our high standard of care for all clients and members of our local community.  We will work with all government bodies, hospital administrators (which oversee the tenancy of The Gym) and advisory groups to ensure this high standard of care is maintained during the recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown.  The Gym Melbourne provides a valuable service to many members of the local community and its staff are committed to continue this service while reducing the spread of COVID-19.    

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