3 Best Workout Ideas for Busy Medical Professionals

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Medical professionals are always busy taking care of their patients, especially during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. But while taking care of patients, a lot of times healthcare providers overlook their own health and safety.

The medical profession demands active mindedness and an energetic approach to ensure the well-being of patients at all times, but a tiring mind may induce laziness and health issues in the long run. Hence, keeping up with your healthcare routine and fitness needs is as important as providing medical assistance to patients.

According to Australian research, those who followed a good healthcare routine and got recommended levels of sleep, reported less work stress, fewer work-life emotional barriers, and had a balanced lower body mass index. Thus, more attentiveness and work productivity.

So, if you have a busy work schedule and can’t spend enough time on optimizing your healthcare routine, then here are the 3 best workout ideas that require minimal time and effort.

Healthcare Tailored Gym Exercises

Cardio and Core Exercises

Among some of the best workout ideas mentioned in our list, this one tops the list. Having less time and a super busy schedule, exercises such as push-ups, bridges, and some regular tricep dips are best to keep your core in shape. Core exercises help train the muscle in your abdomen, hips, lower back, and pelvis. This leads to increased stability and better balance.

You can start with a high plank and perform crunches to burn some extra calories. Remember, the quicker you move, the better and more productive your workout session will be. It is important to avoid sagging your shoulders and keep your back as stable as possible to get the most out of your exercise time.

Legs and Body Stretching

Since doctors and nurses spend most of their time standing on their feet to look after their patients, they are likely to experience leg and back pain. This constant stress can put them at risk for muscle damage, joint pain, strains, etc.

Try doing some leg stretching and seated side stretches while you are resting on a chair. You can also perform some calf stretches that can help make tight muscles feel freer and more comfortable. Simply lay your body straight on a mat, stretch your legs up to your chest, and hold for a while to relieve the pain.


Meditating regularly for 5-10 minutes can be very beneficial for stress relief and enhanced attentiveness. According to a study on meditation and neuroscience, Soto Zen meditation can help increase your awareness and mindfulness.

For Soto Zen meditation, sit peacefully with your eyes open and face towards a wall. Observe your emotions and thoughts as they start to arise. Whenever you feel distracted, try to regain your attention and repeat the process. This practice will help you focus and remain active at work.

With these 3 workout ideas for busy medical professionals, you can block out distractions, concentrate better on tasks at hand, and simply improve your overall well-being!

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