5 Tips on Staying Healthy.

With the massive concern of the Corona Virus it is important that we stay vigilant and look after our own health with these 5 simple tips.

1. Eat Well - Make sure you eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables so that your body gets the minerals and nutrients in needs.

2. Stay Active - It can be difficult to stay motivated to work out when it’s cold and dreary outside, but dragging yourself out has endless benefits.

3. Keep Your Hands Clean - While it may seem like common sense, washing your hands is arguably the most effective way to protect yourself from catching an illness, or spreading it to others

4. Get Good Sleep - If you’re not well rested, your health can be affected in a variety of different ways. Not getting enough sleep can affect your immune system.

5. Keep Your Water Intake Up - Your body needs to stay hydrated and most commonly majority of people become chronically dehydrated in winter months.

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