Everything About HIIT Programs

HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training, is a relatively recent advancement in the field of workout training programs. It has gained critical acclaim, throughout the world, for its effectiveness in burning unwanted body fat. Almost all the gyms and fitness centres now offer a HIIT program to help you better achieve your body goals. Here in this blog, we will discuss everything about HIIT programs.

What is HIIT?

HIIT is a derivative of regular interval training. Interval training basically means that you divide your workout into rest intervals and exercise intervals. You may think that’s how one usually exercises by taking some rest intervals in between sets. However, interval training requires you to focus on these intervals.

You are expected to complete your workout following the same interval routine. For example, you may exercise for a minute, take a break for a minute, and then get back at it. You will continue to take the same intervals for the rest of your workout.

How Does It Work?

HIIT, as the name suggests, is a much more targeted fitness training program. The word high-intensity implies that this workout can be brutal for you, but the results are worth it. There are a few different opinions about what is high-intensity when it comes to exercise and how you can achieve the best results.

One school of thought that is more prevalent believes that HIIT requires you to group up a few exercises together and take the same intervals between them. However, compressing more into a lesser time is key to the workout plan. You will often see ads about 15 minute HIIT programs or 30 minute HIIT programs. These programs follow the principle of cramping different exercises and taking minimal rest intervals in between.

You are taking a minimal rest interval to max out your energy. It leaves you drained very quickly, and your body stops getting enough oxygen. This is where the development of lactic acid in your muscles kicks in. Your body relies on this development of lactic acid to fuel itself anaerobically. When you go back for another set before recovering, the situation becomes more intense every succeeding set. This pushes your body into burning the maximum fuel sources available, which includes the unwanted body fat.

Another school of thought is also focused on this development of lactic acid through rigorous training sessions. However, it is believed that taking longer rest intervals is much more effective than taking short rest intervals.

It is required that you push your body to its maximum limit in a very short time. Once maxed out, you can rest at least twice the amount of time you exercised, and ideally, three is to one is suggested. For example, if you do some burpees immediately followed by squat jumps in just 30 seconds, you can rest for a minute or minute and a half before you start over.

It is argued that tricking your body into thinking that it needs not to exhaust anymore and then putting it through an intense workout helps burn down calories much more effectively. However, both methods are widely utilized and have proven to help people.


HIIT helps you burn more energy in a lesser amount of time, making it a convenient exercise routine for busy individuals. Moreover, it is equally useful for athletes to improve their oxygen utilization while exercising and heart activity.

However, HIIT programs should be attended in the presence of a proper trainer to avoid any mishap. Since it is a high-intensity workout, you may not want to risk burning yourself out. The Gym Melbourne offers HIIT classes under professional trainer guidance. If you are in Melbourne, check out their website and get registered here: https://www.thegymmelbourne.com.au/.

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