Full Body Tabata: The Best HIIT Workout

High-intensity interval training programs, or HIIT workouts, have gained a lot of attention over the past few years. People prefer these workouts because they aim to target all your body muscles in an effective and time-efficient manner. From losing bodyweight to keeping muscle tone, these HIIT workouts are employed to cater to all kinds of physique goals.

HIIT workouts come in a large variety and serve different purposes. People also have different takes on what constitutes a HIIT workout. However, all kinds of HIIT workouts have proved to be very effective. Full-body Tabata is one such workout, and it can even be said that it is the best HIIT workout. Here’s why:

Full Body Tabata

Full body Tabata was introduced by a Japanese scientist who was studying intensity workouts, and presented a thesis that they increase the anaerobic capacity in our systems. This anaerobic capacity is what makes HIIT workouts as efficient as they are in achieving your body goals. What makes Tabata different from other kinds of HIIT workouts is its time intervals. Each HIIT program relies on rest and exercise intervals. Tabata specifically requires you to do high-intensity exercise for 20 seconds and then a break of 10 seconds before you get started again. This time interval increases the intensity and pushes your system to its limits. There are Tabata workouts that require weights, and there are which don’t. It mostly depends on your level of experience in exercise.

You can judge from its name that it aims to target all the different muscle groups present in your body. Exercises targeting various muscles are cramped together in one set. These cramped together exercises will constitute one set. Usually, a set comprises 4 minutes of 20-10 intervals. You can take a minute’s break after each set. However, there is a difference of opinion here. Some trainers would want you to work on one target muscle for 4 minutes and then move on to a different muscle group in the next set. At the same time, others prefer to put together exercises that activate multiple muscle groups in one set. You may work on the shoulder for 20 seconds, and then after the 10 seconds rest, you may do something related to your back muscles and so on. However, both methods have been successful, and the outcome is more or less the same.

In either case, the total time for each set is set to 4 minutes and the total workout time is 32 minutes. It means that you need to cramp eight sets of high-intensity exercises in half an hour. This time efficiency is one of the reasons why Tabata is so popular among busy individuals.

Tabata is a perfect choice if you are short on time. However, it does require a lot of strength and motivation. It can drain you out of energy in just 30 minutes, just as much as an hour-long workout would, or may more than that. The reason why Tabata is claimed as the best HIIT workout is the great outcomes. Tabata is a highly efficient exercise routine that can help you reach your goals like no other workout.

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