Healthy Food Ideas for Shift Work

Shift work tends to take a toll on the health of the worker. This is often because because shift work changes our instinctive patterns of eating, working, and sleeping. While it may not seem like a big deal, this change affects our body’s biological functions. We are naturally programmed to wake up in the morning and divide our food intake such that it fuels us as we continue with our routine work. It is safe to say that we follow the same pattern for the most part of our life, or at least in the developing age.

Shift work is a big change in these patterns, and if you do not cater to these changing needs well, there is a chance that it can severely affect your health. People working nocturnal shifts often believe that since this shift change is just the opposite, they don’t require much adjustment except for the sleep timings. However, this is not true; this change in pattern changes our nutritional requirements as well as our sleep patterns. Those who have frequently changing shifts are at the most risk of getting in poor shape.

Following are some food ideas that can help shift workers cope with frequent changes in their nutritional requirements. It is important to note that these food ideas go hand in hand with your work routine and sleep. In order to maintain good health, you need to focus on all three aspects.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits have numerous health benefits. Especially when it comes to shift work, they can be very helpful. Most of the fruits and vegetables are rich in water. When working on shifts, it becomes easier to get dehydrated. These foods keep your body at optimum hydration level, which in turn affects your productivity. Staying hydrated can keep you active and help your body adjust better. It takes away lethargy and fatigue from shift change. Cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, melon, apples, oranges, and blueberries are fruits and vegetables with high amounts of water, and they taste amazing.

DIY Granola Bars

Granola bars are packed with energy to keep your system running. Moreover, the ingredients are rich in good fats, oils, and minerals that can help you in sustaining energy. Changing diet patterns may lead to improper diet. You may not get an adequate energy supply. Granola bars are slow digesting and pack a lot of energy. This way, your body doesn’t run out of energy even if you don’t have a proper meal. Make sure that you make these granola bars yourself. Processed foods may contain high amounts of fast-digesting sugars, which can cause a lot of trouble.


Soups are rich in nutrients and are hydrating as well. But most importantly, your digestive system does not require you to work hard to digest soup. Shift work creates a disturbance for your digestive system as well, and it may not want to work at times when you may eat food. It is best not to exhaust your digestive system rather have foods that are easy to digest. Soup tops the list because of its nutritional value.


These 3 food ideas are specifically for shift work. When it comes to shift work, the biggest mistake is to assume that your body will adapt easily. Your body requires a proper transition, which in case of frequent shift changes is not possible. The foods mentioned above can help your body fulfil its requirements without being a burden on your system.

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