Investing in Change for Our Members

With great delight The Gym Melbourne took over the Royal Childrens Hospital gym in October 2018.

There has been many hurdles to face with implementation of a new member management software and understanding what RCH and MCRI staff want in regards to their health & fitness.

We are striving for a facility that is far from intimidating or one that holds the stereotypical gym environment.

Our aim is to provide a vibrant, energetic space that will motivate and inspire anyone that has health and fitness goals.

From Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th of June we will unfortunately be without the rig that has taken up most of the gym floor area. We will be reconditioning it and having come back bigger and better.

If you require any assistance for exercises that you may have done with the rig, please just ask a member of our fitness team.

alternatively please email

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