Maintaining Healthy Body Weight: What Is More Important, Dieting or Exercise?

Often exercise and dieting are pitted against each other when it comes to maintaining healthy body weight. Some people are more focused on dieting, and some train for hours to achieve their body goals. Various new advancements have been made to cater to both groups. Things like the Keto diet and HIIT programs are common. However, the answer to the question, what is more important, is maintaining a balance in your diet and exercise.

The Science Behind Achieving Weight Goals

Maintaining, increasing, or decreasing your weight all depends on a simple equation. How much do you eat? And how much do you utilize? The difference between these two questions will lead you to your body goals.

If you consume a large number of calories and carbs, but you do not exercise enough to burn a significant amount, nor does your daily routine involves any physical activity, chances are that you will start gaining weight.

If you consume less and exercise relatively more, your body will start utilizing energy stored in your body fat. In turn, you will experience weight loss and body fat reduction. However, if you continue to do so for long periods, you will start experiencing health issues.

To maintain your body weight at a certain point, you will have to balance your energy intake and energy consumption. Once you have achieved your desired body weight, you can get a nutrition plan that accounts for your daily physical activity. Not only will it help you maintain weight, but you can also get your body in your desired shape.

Bodyweight and body shape are two different things. Maintaining a more muscular body will require you to include more proteins in your diet. However, if you have a specific bodyweight goal and you don’t want a bulky muscular body, you can work your diet such that you don’t get bulky. Exercising will always give you some muscular and core strength. However, muscular growth certainly requires a proper diet.

What Affects More, Diet or Exercise?

Even though to achieve a particular body goal, you need to have a balance between the two. It is noted that diet does affect more than exercise. The Keto diet is an excellent example of how only the diet can help you significantly reduce your body weight. However, its health implications are debatable.

The reason why diet is more useful is that through diet, you can condition your body into losing or gaining weight. However, it is not always healthy. Exercise along with diet ensures that your body doesn’t go into an unnatural cycle.

When you exercise, your body demands more than just energy. Your muscles require protein, your bones need calcium, and the list goes on. Most of the diet only focuses on fat. However, some amounts of fats are also crucial for your body to function correctly. Exercising along with dieting pushes your body to intake all the other essential building blocks.


It is essential that you have a physical fitness trainer who can guide you through the process of achieving your desired body goals. Without keeping a balanced diet and healthy exercise routine, you are more likely to harm yourself rather than maintaining a healthy body weight. The Gym Melbourne offers professional personal trainers for you who can help you with your exercise routines. There are multiple kinds of training programs available that cater to all sorts of different requirements. Check out their website here:

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