Reap The Pilates Rewards!!

The Gym Melbourne has been sourcing far and wide for highly experienced instructors and our vision has been to deliver exceptional mat pilates classes.

We understand the overall benefits of pilates and our members have started to feel them first hand.

1. Improved Posture - All exercises you perform in pilates classes promote proper skeletal alignment. In addition to this, they strengthen the muscles which are responsible for good posture

2. Enhance Core Stability - One of the six principles of Pilates is centering. The principles state that strength should be developed from the inside out and that every movement should begin from the core and flow outward to the limbs performing the movements in this way strengthens the deep muscles in your abdomen, lower back and pelvic floor and provides the rest of your body with the stability it needs to function effectively.

3. Increase Mental Fitness - Breathing and concentration are two principles that help develop mental focus and fitness as you complete your workouts. This mental fitness has numerous benefits which include reduced stress levels, increased happiness and more

Pilates is a fantastic regime to incorporate into your weekly schedule as it improves your balance, core strength, stability and more. It’s a complete health and fitness system which strengthens both your body and your mind.

Current Pilates Classes

Monday 12:30 to 1:15pm with Sade

Wednesday 12:30 to 1:15pm with Emma

4:45 to 5:30pm with Emma

Thursday 12:30 to 1:15pm with Claudia

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