Staying Fit During COVID-19

Amidst the pandemic, gyms and fitness centres all around the world were forced to shut down. City-wide lockdowns confined people into their homes, and the necessary exercise routines for most people were greatly disturbed. Plus, with more time being spent indoors than ever before, most people were carrying out significantly lesser physical activity than usual.

Melbourne faced a similar situation, and thankfully the pandemic is starting to come under control, and people are starting to get back on track. It is important to get back into a routine as a lack of physical fitness can also affect our mental wellbeing.

Here we have some ideas to help you stay fit during hopefully the last few remaining months of COVID-19.

Exercise While Doing Chores

Even though the notion of exercise is mostly perceived as engaging in a sport or hitting the gym, your daily chores can also help you stay fit. Our daily tasks help us burn a fair amount of calories, but it is not enough. However, what you can do is that you can incorporate different kinds of exercise movements in your chores.

To stay in shape, you must target all the different muscle groups. Chores generally do not engage all these groups, but you can focus on these muscles and make the most out of your labours. An example can be sweeping or mopping around the house. You can take large steps like you do while doing lunges. You could provide a thrust using your back muscle in a rowing motion. Hence there are plenty of ways you can add some exercise into your daily routine.

If you are locked up in your house, then this can help you stay fit and active.

Start Walking!

Walking is an often neglected but effective exercise. If you are not locked up in your house, you can go out, have a walk around the neighbourhood. You can even jog or run if you would like to. Fast-paced walking, jogging, and running usually engages all the necessary muscles.

Jogging is also a great warm-up exercise before gym routines, and the primary reason is that it targets your muscles and stamina at the same time. You must keep a distance and follow all the safety protocols in place. In such a scenario, going out for a run or a walk is a good option. You will not be in contact with anyone, and you can keep away and get plenty of air to refresh yourself.

Working Out Without Weights

One possibility for exercise if to get some weights for your home. However, if you cannot manage that, you can always have a routine based on weightless exercises. Such exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, squatting, etc. However, you will be required to have more rigorous training to achieve results similar to exercise with weights.

These weightless exercises can target all the different muscle groups and can help you keep in shape. Otherwise, you can use heavy household items as an alternate for weights. Although using household items can be a little tricky, you can easily manage it if you have prior exercise experience.


Although the pandemic has been hard for gyms and gymmers alike, the dynamic has started to shift a little. Some gyms are now opening back up and ensuring that they are following strict protocols for safety and health purposes. At the same time, others have shifted their businesses online. Online classes also makes it easier for you to attend these classes at your availability and comfort.

The Gym Melbourne is now both open and offering online classes for interested individuals. They provide affordable and friendly fitness classes at your convenience. There are different classes that cater to all kinds of different individuals. Check them out on our website at

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