Are you interested in kickstarting your health and fitness goals and not sure where to start? 

RCH Health & Wellness team have teamed up with The Gym to offer you some trial classes

Be sure to check out our class descriptions below. All classes suit all abilities. 

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What you can expect with our classes. 

Stretch & Strengthen - Using your own body weight to do a complete full body workout which is low impact and finishing off with some guide full body stretches that will complete the session. 

Hatha Yoga - This class is based on physical postures (asanas), deep breathing and mindfulness. Ramona will assist you in exploring a rejuvenating sequence that will improve your strength, flexibility as well as achieving a calm state of mind and body.

Fitness Boxing - Specially designed for beginners, Fitness boxing will get your heart rate up but have you smiling while you learn basic boxing techniques and combinations. Perfect to do with friends or colleagues. 

Pilates -Our mat classes are suitable for healthy bodies for all levels of client’s fitness. Classes are organised by levels of exercise difficulty from beginner, through to progressive, intermediate and advanced.