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Personal Training Melbourne, Gym Open 24/7
Gym Melbourne Boxing with Personal Training Near Me
Female Personal Training at The Gym Open 24/7 in North melbourne

We fit your lifestyle

Inclusive gym open 24/7, Personal Training and Group Classes

Personal Training

Get the health & fitness results faster by training with one of our fitnes

Gym Open 24/7

We know life gets busy, so you need a 24-hour gym that will fit into your schedule.

Group Classes

The Gym Melbourne runs fun and energetic group fitness classes.s team.


starting from only $74 a week

Personal Training + Classes + 24-hour Gym Membership Plans

These gym membership plans include Personal Training and access to The Gym 24/7. 

If you're looking for something different, check our membership page

All this, in one membership.

The Gym Energise



✅ 2x Training Sessions per week

✅ The Gym Membership

✅ Access to The Gym 24/7

✅ Access to all Group Fitness Classes

✅ 20% off all Gym Shop products

Classes. Gym. Personal Trainer.

The Gym Lifestyle



✅ 1x Training Sessions per week

✅ The Gym Membership

✅ Access to The Gym 24/7

✅ Access to all Group Fitness Classes

✅ 20% off all Gym Shop products

Serious goal setters only.

The Gym Optimal



✅ 3x Training Sessions per week

✅ The Gym Membership

✅ Access to The Gym 24/7

✅ Access to all Group Fitness Classes

✅ 20% off all Gym Shop products


starting from only $20.00 a week

What's included

Strength and HIIT Gym Classes
The Gym Melbourne Boxing Classes
The Gym Melbourne Pilates and Yoga Classes Female
The Gym Melbourne Functional Gym

Strength & HIIT

Work on your prime lifts, improve your muscle endurance and cardio fitness levels.


Our experienced instructors will guide you through a challenging and exhilarating workout that's perfect for boosting your fitness, strength and confidence. 

Pilates & Yoga

Build strength, length and flexibility through layered exercises from beginner to advanced


We're proud to be equipped with the latest exercise equipment and professional trainers to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Personal Training near me The Gym Melbourne

Get the results that you deserve

We've tailored our Personal Training structure to make sure that you get the results you deserve sooner, rather than later.


Our method is to keep you consistent and accountable so that you build your own motivation and healthier lifestyle habits.

What our community says

As a worker within RCH, The Gym Melbourne is so convenient for me to exercise before and after my shifts. Especially with it being 24 hour I really have no excuse not to go. Has a great variety of equipment and machines for its size and never gets too busy that people are waiting long for equipment. Feels cosy but not lacking in anything major plus has a great yoga/ dance space. Friendly and helpful staff too!

Chantal Hallam

The gym Melbourne is a hidden gem. It is very well equipped and there is always equipment available. I love the flexibility of being able to go at any time. It is also very reasonably priced. Lonnie goes above and beyond with his clients and applies his positive energy to foster a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.


Chris P

This is by far my favourite gym that I have ever been to. It has all the equipment that I could ask for and everything is clean and (most importantly) works! You don't have to wait to use any of the machines because there are plenty to use for everyone and The Gym is open 24/7.



Natalie Todaro

THE GYM for you

The Gym aim's to deliver quality to our members. We offer Personal Training memberships, and amazing group classes. The Gym open 24/7, is the most inclusive space in Melbourne. We are friendly, approachable, clean, and above all, don't take ourselves to seriously. 

Did you know that most of our members are locally based healthcare workers living or working near Parkville and North Melbourne? Reach out to us for a no obligation gym tour and come see it for yourself!

Our Fun, Inclusive Community

  • I’ve never used a gym before. What support is offered?
    The take pride in The Gym being an inclusive environment for anyone wishing to their health and well-being. We offer complimentary fitness assessments to help you build confidence within The Gym, so that you feel more at ease with what you are doing on all of our equipment.
  • Who can I ask if I have trouble using the equipment?
    We understand from time to time we all need a little help. Our experienced staff are always on hand for you to ask any questions if you need any assistance. If we are busy with other members we would direct you to make an appointment so we can spend quality 1:1 time with you.
  • Does THE GYM offer healthcare workers discounts?
    The Gym Melbourne takes great pride in assisting Healthcare professional's look after their own health and well-being. We have tailored a special membership just for you which is a discounted rate. Anyone that works within the Healthcare sector have access to The Gym Loyal Membership rate.
  • Does THE GYM offer student discounts?
    With the pressures of academic life, we believe looking after your own health and well-being is crucial to provide balance, reducing the risk of possible burnout. We have a specialised student membership that is super affordable of only $20.00pw. This provides you with 24/7 gym access, access to all group fitness classes.
  • Is THE GYM open 24/7?
    YES! The Gym Melbourne is open 24/7 for members. Our staffed hours are varied so please check the bottom of our website for details.
  • What type of environment should I expect?
    The Gym takes pride in providing an inclusive, welcoming environment for you to get your workouts done. We are very community orientate. We hold regular member social events and aim to have fun in and out of The Gym.
  • How do I find my App login details?
    If you are unsure of your app login details please email us at or come see us at reception
  • How does the memberships work?
    The Gym understands that our members want no fuss when it comes to signing up and also when needing to cancel. Our requirements for standard gym memberships are; Minimum of 3 month commitment, paying fortnightly. If you wish to cancel, it will require a 30 day notice period. No memberships can be transferred. Nor can anyone else use your membership. Our requirements for a personal Training Membership are; Minimum of a 10 week commitment, paying fortnightly. If you wish to cancel, it will require a 14 day notice period. No memberships or personal training sessions are transferable to anyone else. If you wish to speak to a member of our team, please feel free to email or see us at reception.
  • Can I change my membership?
    Yes! if you want to upgrade or downgrade your membership you can with us at reception. You'll need to finalise your current billing cycle before the upgrade/ downgrade is started.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    The Gym Melbourne understands that no break-ups are easy. To cancel your membership come in and see us at reception or email us at
  • What is the cancellation notice period?
    14 days cancellation period on Personal Training memberships. 30 days cancellation period on gym memberships.
  • How would Personal Training help me?
    If you have a health and fitness goal/s and want to achieve it faster, then don't look past at getting a personal trainer. Trainers will hold you accountable and build your workout program to suit your level of fitness. Your Personal Trainer will make workouts more enjoyable, and also get you out of your comfort zone.
  • How many sessions should I do with a Personal Trainer
    The amount of sessions you do all depends on what your particular health and fitness goal might be. If you are a beginner, we would suggest that you do more initially in your program to build great habits. Your trainer will be there at The Gym waiting for you, and help you build confidence within The Gym environment.
  • Should I get fit before training with a Personal Trainer?
    This is a question we get a lot. You do not need to try and get fit before seeing a Personal Trainer. The Trainer will work with your current level of fitness, and work towards your goals safely and affectively.
  • Can I do Personal Training with a friend or partner?
    The Gym Melbourne has a few options of Personal Training available. If you wanted to train with a friend, we offer discounted training packages which will save you both money. It has been proven that if you train with a friend, that you are likely to stay consistent and achieve your fitness goals sooner, when training with someone.
  • What type of classes do you offer?
    The Gym offers a wide range of Group Fitness Classes. Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Strength based classes and full body circuit classes. We cater for older adults and will be starting mums and bubs yoga, and pilates soon.
  • Do you have a beginner class?
    The Gym Melbourne classes are designed to suit all fitness abilities, no matter what gym experience you may have. We cater for your individual needs based on how long you have been with us. To start out - try the 7:30am/ 10 am and 12pm classes Monday to Friday.
  • Do you offer classes for elderly people?
    We sure do! We offer Healthy Habits circuit classes and also yoga and pilates at 10am Monday through to Friday.
  • Are classes included in my membership?
    YES! No matter what membership you are registered to at The Gym Melbourne - you are able to access any group fitness classes. All you have to do is book via our member app.
  • What App does The Gym use?
    The Gym Melbourne use Gym Master as the member management system. You can download Gym Master from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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