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Mia Gross

Mia comes with loads of experience which stems from her athletic career and her devotion she gives to all her clients. Mia is full of positive energy and will get you to your health and fitness goals faster than you working it out on your own.


Mia is an Australian Track & Field athlete specialising in the 100m, 200m and the 400m. Mia has been running for 13 years and has had a lot of interactions with many strength & conditioning coaches and PT's.  

Mia has been fortunate to have represented Australia and travelled all around the world with the best athletes/coaches/physios from all over Australia therefore picking up experience with elite athletes but also the knowledge that everyone is different and requires different exercises.

Over the course of Mia's career she has been hit with the unlucky stick and often found herself injured. Therefore Mia understands the importance of a strong base to exercise with and looks forward to building yours. Mia studied PT and Nutrition in the hopes to help others create a healthier and happier lifestyle for themselves, and she has all the energy, zest and motivation to help you achieve your goals within the gym.

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