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Why Well-being as a healthcare professional shouldn't be forgotten about.

well-being for healthcare professionals

Over the last 10 years working with healthcare professionals, it is safe to say that our front line workers are faced with a wide range of physical, emotional, and mental challenges in their roles due to the demands and pressures of their job.

Well-being as a healthcare professional can be defined as a multidimensional concept encompassing various aspects of their physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as their overall satisfaction and fulfillment in both personal and professional life. The Gym's primary aim is to assist all our healthcare clients to find a place where they can escape the daily pressures of work and personal life, and work on themselves through mind, body and nutrition.

Here are five well-being concepts to be mindful of as a healthcare professional. As you read along, think where you can make room to improve your well-being and make more time for yourself.

Physical well-being:

This refers to the state of the healthcare professional's physical health, including their ability to maintain optimal physical functioning, prevent illness and injury, and manage any existing health conditions. It involves factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep quality, and access to health fitness services to help improve overall health.

Emotional well-being:

Emotional well-being involves the ability to understand, manage, and express emotions in a healthy and constructive way. It encompasses aspects such as self-awareness, resilience, empathy, and the ability to cope with stress, trauma, and challenging situations encountered in the healthcare setting. How do you deal with stress and trauma during your personal and work life?

Mental well-being:

Mental well-being refers to the state of the healthcare professional's mental health, including their cognitive functioning, emotional stability, and psychological resilience. It involves factors such as self-esteem, self-confidence, clarity of thought, and the ability to maintain a positive outlook on life. How do you see yourself? Do you tell yourself negative stories and find hard to shake this?

Social well-being:

Social well-being involves the quality of the healthcare professional's relationships and social connections, both within and outside of the workplace. It encompasses aspects such as social support, communication skills, teamwork, and a sense of belonging and connected with others. Do you have a good level of social support at work and in your personal life?

Work-related well-being:

This aspect of well-being relates specifically to the healthcare professional's experience in their professional role. It includes factors such as job satisfaction, engagement, work-life balance, autonomy, recognition, and opportunities for professional growth and development. This is an area where if you aren't growing or being challenged, your work life can result in feeling very stale.

Spiritual well-being:

Spiritual well-being involves a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection to something greater than oneself. It encompasses aspects such as values, beliefs, ethics, and the search for meaning and fulfillment in life, which can influence how healthcare professionals perceive and navigate their work and personal experiences. Do you feel that what you do at work, and in your personal life fills you with meaning and purpose?

The Gym Healthcare professionals health and well-being

Overall, well-being for healthcare professionals is a holistic concept that recognises the interlinked of various dimensions of health and satisfaction in both personal and professional life. With your day to day work and personal life, don't shy away from what support your organisation or general practitioner can provide.

We have a strong sense of belief that is much better to maintain and top up your health and well-being than and sit and wait for something to go wrong.

It is well documented that physical activity has an astounding result on your physical and mental well-being. Walking, running, cycling, swimming or dancing like its 1999. Make sure what ever it is you prioritise it and have fun!

Lonnie Pitcher The Gym Melbourne personal trainer

Lonnie Pitcher

Director/ Personal Trainer

The Gym Melbourne

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